26. jaan. 2016

For Companies

Dear entrepreneur!

Photonics Club started in autumn 2015 in University of Tartu. Under the supervision of UT scientist students do projects based on generating, measuring and imaging light. Our students value practical challenges.  Maybe you have encountered some photonics related problems that are waiting to be solved? Bring your problems to us!

Is your problem suitable for Photonics Club? – contact out club supervisors and we will discuss it together. Good project is potentially beneficial for your company and gives an innovative solutions, however it is not time critical or cause damage for the company upon failure. We will consider a project as a success if it is implemented and adds value to your production chain when finished.

How? You will present a problem you want solved, Photonics club members create suitable conditions in the Physical optics lab in UT and will find a solution under the supervision of UT scientists.

What is the purpose of the Photonics Club?  To give students hands-on experience, ability to plan and fulfill projects, work in teams, communicate with industry partners. We want to support the growth of open-minded professionals.

How long does it take? Depending on the complexity of the problem, it can take 1-2 semesters (5 months to a year).

What is the best thing that can happen? You will find a solution for your problem, specialist for work and partners from UT.

We are waiting for your problem formulations.

Photonics Club is supervised by Heli Lukner, Andreas Valdmann and Sandhra-Mirella Valdma from the lab of Physical optics in University of Tartu.

Write or call us: fotoonikaklubi@gmail.com, +372 59060643